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Winter Luau Registered Teams

Updated at 10:30 AM on Wednesday 1/18/17.

WAITLIST teams are NOT included on the list below. 



TeamName LastName DivisionName
BAHA's Badino-Berger Coed 6's A
Here 4 Beer Blume Coed 6's A
Southside Bangers denson Coed 6's A
Los Garza Coed 6's A
Practice Safe Sets Kirschbaum Coed 6's A
Super Smash Schoenle Coed 6's A
Leeroy Jenkins!!! Vunic Coed 6's A
Slap and Tickle Walther Coed 6's A
Team Pickles Yeung Coed 6's A
Underdogs Bress Coed 6's B
Cereal Killers Coronel Coed 6's B
No Shots to the Face Curry Coed 6's B
Chicago AMAZING Eballar Coed 6's B
No Diggity Hollis Coed 6's B
Free Ballers 3.0 Kao Coed 6's B
Cereal Permana Coed 6's B
Rock, Flag and Eagle  Turnock Coed 6's B
Maui Luauii Adams Coed 6's BB
Bump, Set, Psych! Anderson Coed 6's BB
Spike Town Brubaker Coed 6's BB
Is it in? Covert Coed 6's BB
Nice Hands  Dang Coed 6's BB
LetsPlay Driz Coed 6's BB
CU Pountown Hicks Coed 6's BB
Block Party Kish Coed 6's BB
Team Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kozlowski Coed 6's BB
Victorious Secret  Kriech Coed 6's BB
Langert Langert Coed 6's BB
Friends without benefits Lee Coed 6's BB
Back Sets Lowder Coed 6's BB
Dat Ace Doe Martin Coed 6's BB
Storm Mast Coed 6's BB
Rise Against Scurti Coed 6's BB
Bounce Adams Men's 6's A
Big Bics All Day Buck Men's 6's A
Team Doc Ron  Garcia Men's 6's A
Grit Karstens Men's 6's A
Megazord Orna Men's 6's A
Dan Loves OTPHJ's Sheets-Poling Men's 6's A
Sorin' Dolzan Men's 6's BB
Prestige Worldwide Hawk Men's 6's BB
Hoover Hoover Men's 6's BB
Chicago Coast Johnson Men's 6's BB
Two Blocks Away Lee Men's 6's BB
I'd Hit That Macedo Men's 6's BB
Storm Mast Men's 6's BB
Kiss My Splash Rein Men's 6's BB
Team Pineapple ball Men's 6's Open/AA
Icemen Falknor Men's 6's Open/AA
Aim to Kill Gustafson Men's 6's Open/AA
Deep Dish Kopacz Men's 6's Open/AA
Regulators Martin Men's 6's Open/AA
The Homies Oliveric Men's 6's Open/AA
Bomb Pops OMalley Men's 6's Open/AA
Luau Chicago Reid Men's 6's Open/AA
Grizzlies Smith Men's 6's Open/AA
Lights Out Thaker Men's 6's Open/AA
MMA vargas Men's 6's Open/AA
Dino Hunters  Wuestenfeld Men's 6's Open/AA
Diva Cups Balich Women's 6's AA/A
Minority Report Campbell Women's 6's AA/A
Whatever matacic Women's 6's AA/A
Team Merica Nichols Women's 6's AA/A
Awesome Sauce Ocampo Women's 6's AA/A
Shebola Outbreak Paulus Women's 6's AA/A
Girls who S'lei Reidy Women's 6's AA/A
Pass and Hitties Semens Women's 6's AA/A
Bump and Wine Sloan Women's 6's AA/A
Sets in the City Swartz Women's 6's AA/A
All About That ACE Cabanin Women's 6's BB
Chickens Ciesiolka Women's 6's BB
Tap That Pass Cozzens Women's 6's BB
Six Pack Klingerman Women's 6's BB
Set-N-Pepa Kriech Women's 6's BB
#LADIES Lee Women's 6's BB
Pink Fluffy Monsters Mol Women's 6's BB
Hopslam Ooink Women's 6's BB


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