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Player Conduct


Whenever the league office becomes aware of a possible violation of the Player Conduct Policy, it will undertake an investigation, the timing and scope of which will be based upon the particular circumstances of the matter. Any such investigation may be conducted by PSSG Staff, independent parties, or by a combination of the two. In cases that are also being investigated by law enforcement, the league will work to cooperate with and to avoid any conflict or interference with the law enforcement proceedings.


Once the investigation is completed the League Office will issue a statement to all parties involved.   This statement may include a suspension or removal of a player/team from a league.  All decisions are final and there are no protests. 


If the league finds that you have engaged in any of the following conduct, you will be subject to discipline. Prohibited conduct includes but is not limited to the following:

-          Actual or threatened physical violence against another person

-          Assault and/or battery

-          Violent or threatening behavior toward a PSSG employee or player

-          Stalking, harassment, or similar forms of intimidation

-          Illegal possession of a gun or other weapon

-          Illegal possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or drugs

-          Theft-related crimes

-          Disorderly conduct

-          Cheating

-          Conduct that poses a genuine danger to the safety and well-being of another person

-          Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity of PSSG

-          Violation of facility rules

-          Sexual harassment of any players, officials or staff

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