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PBS #2 Registered Teams

Updated Friday 5/19/17/16 at 2:45 PM


TeamName LastName DivisionName Partner
17" Chaudhry Coed 2's A Brandon Poindexter
Funky Crackers Hall Coed 2's A Rachel Aumann
It's Complicated Evers Coed 2's A Jeff Cobi
M & N VanDyke Coed 2's A Marcus Houtsma
Big & Little Gajzler Coed 2's BB Peter Gajzler
Calm down, we got this Ramoino Coed 2's BB Devin Heidecke 
Pudge n Skizz Maas Coed 2's BB Katie Stuhmer
Tx2 LaRosa Coed 2's BB Timber terrell
Carter Riverside Borowiak Coed 2's BB Catherine Gonzales
Sand in our cracks  Marsoobian Coed 2's BB Wyatt Sugrue 
Camo  Young Men's 2's A Justin Hunt
Bucks1 Gaston Men's 2's A Mike pugleisi
Blips and Chitz Kelsey Men's 2's A  
D.W.A Flowers Men's 2's A Paul Rappaport
Meyer/Lamp Meyer Men's 2's A Kevin Lamp
Raphael/Kaufman Raphael Men's 2's A Brian Kaufman
TeamOakForest Ryan Men's 2's A Jake Olsen
The Other Team Avery Men's 2's A Dewey Johnson
Bolton/Calvillo Bolton Men's 2's Open Miguel Calvillo
Bryan & The Beast McDermand Men's 2's Open Ray Birtcher
Collado/Willoughby Willoughby Men's 2's Open Dan Collado
Dave / Colin grangaard Men's 2's Open Colin McCrary
Joyce/Martin Joyce Men's 2's Open Max Martin
Danger Zone Lamoureux Men's 2's OPen Deonte Scroggins
Meyer/Meyer Meyer Men's 2's Open Zack Meyer
Put Me In Coach Goldsmith Men's 2's Open Maksym Gladun
Veliky/Berry Veliky Men's 2's Open Tyler Berry
Aitchison/Chinn Chinn Women's 2's A Sydney Aitchison
Ariah/ALana Palter Women's 2's A Alana
L^2 Swart Women's 2's A Leslie Marriot
Palen/Naumann Palen Women's 2's A Erin Naumann
Viterbo Reps Phillips Women's 2's A Chloe Jakscht
Cho/Janiak Cho Women's 2's BB Rachel Janiak
Hoosier Beaches Sears Women's 2's BB Heather Winegard
K & K Schoenle Women's 2's BB Katie Libowitz
M&M's Magsamen Women's 2's BB Miya Thalmann
Burlich Balich Women's 2's Open Brooke Burling
Crankshaw/Dabrowski Crankshaw Women's 2's Open  
Janson/McNally Janson Women's 2's Open Candice McNally
Samoday/Heldt Heldt Women's 2's Open Maryna Samoday
Smith Howard  Howard Women's 2's Open Lorelee Smith
Team One Sydnie/Laurel Herrmann Women's 2's Open Laurel Roney


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