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Players Sports Group: Chicago's Recreational Sports and Social Club Players Sports Group: Chicago's Recreational Sports and Social Club

PBS #1 Registered Teams


Last Name Team Name Division Name Partner
Dildine DigtheDines Coed 2's A Taylor Dildine
Harrison Setsy Beaches Coed 2's A Samantha Dubiel
Litton Litton Lightning Coed 2's A Mark Litton
Wade Wade/Strawn Coed 2's A  
Brocker Best Cheater Wins Coed 2's BB Kyle Sytsma
Gonzales Mortyyy and Rick! Coed 2's BB Jeffrey Borowiak
Hollister Deep Dish Coed 2's BB  
Kelsey Groceries Coed 2's BB Danielle Muhlena
Kersten Too Short? Coed 2's BB Paul Gave
Minyakov Double E Coed 2's BB Emily Carroll
pfister Knights Coed 2's BB Zach Bulthuis
Prodoehl Carrying Cubberley Coed 2's BB Brian Cubberly
Schoenle KA-boom Coed 2's BB Adam Wakely
Smith CCC Renegades Coed 2's BB Camarri Lane
Thompson Steppin' on the Beach Coed 2's BB Tom Kokoszka
Amezquita Dirty Digging Coed 4's B  
Driver The Bro Homies Coed 4's B  
Smith Renegade Volleyball  Coed 4's B  
Smith Columbia College Volleyball Coed 4's B  
Krupski Enjoying my coffee. Men's 2's A  
OReilly O’Reilly/Urbain Men's 2's A  
Orf Bangers Men's 2's A Scott Fifer
Orna Jabronis Men's 2's A Steve Harrison
VUNIC MFC Men's 2's A Erik Weidner
Graham Blake and Roman Men's 2's BB Roman
Joyce Don't Care Men's 2's BB Daniel Dewar
Maruyama Maruyama/Szuck Men's 2's BB Phil Szuck
muniz TANGO & CASH  Men's 2's BB BRIAN ALLEN 
Pablo Lol We Are Bad Men's 2's BB Adam Kobiela
Shanahan Prestige Worldwide Men's 2's BB Jeff  Giegold
Cho Tyson/Cho Women's 2's A Dani Tyson
Haines Team Ali Women's 2's A Mikhail Merritt
Hyland Hyland/Preuss Women's 2's A Alexandra Preuss
LoVerde Rataria Women's 2's A Rebecca Romano
Crankshaw Sam/Magda Women's 2's Open Magda Dobrowski
Filipski Filipski/Solberg Women's 2's Open Cameron Solberg
Janson Janson Palmese Women's 2's Open Antonella Palmese
Struck Struck/Hargrove Women's 2's Open Hargrove
VanDyke Tara & Nikki Women's 2's Open Tara Rae
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