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Holiday Luau Registered Teams

Updated at 2:00 PM on Tuesday 11/29/16


***This list only includes CONFIRMED teams. If you are on the Waitlist, you will be contacted if a spot becomes available. 


TeamName LastName DivisionName Session
Dan loves OTPHJs Andrews Men's 6's A AM
Free clinic Elliott Men's 6's A AM
Team Doc Ron Gonzales Men's 6's A AM
Flint Tropics Hejza Men's 6's A AM
Miso Soup Lee Men's 6's A AM
Scared Hitless Moeller Men's 6's A AM
Tequila Mockingbird Pociask Men's 6's A AM
Hit Squad Voight Men's 6's A AM
Dead Weight Badino-Berger Men's 6's BB AM
Please Dink Responsibly Coronel Men's 6's BB AM
Soarin Dolzan Men's 6's BB AM
HEART STRONG Eballar Men's 6's BB AM
Hoover Hoover Men's 6's BB AM
Chicago Coast johnson Men's 6's BB AM
Monstars Ma Men's 6's BB AM
Storm Mast Men's 6's BB AM
Hit for Brains Stockwell Men's 6's BB AM
Underdogs Tom Men's 6's BB AM
Bananas in Pyjamas Vanderlinde Men's 6's BB AM
Smartball  Aragon Men's 6's Open AM
Icemen Falknor Men's 6's Open AM
Teddy's Bears Kopacz Men's 6's Open AM
Bomb Pops OMalley Men's 6's Open AM
Luau Chicago Reid Men's 6's Open AM
I'll have another Smith Men's 6's Open AM
Lights Out/Badger Thaker Men's 6's Open AM
MMA vargas Men's 6's Open AM
Served Hot Baughman Women's 6's A AM
Girl play all day Gandsey Women's 6's A AM
Tigers Halls Women's 6's A AM
Turnt Turts Hucek Women's 6's A AM
Whatever matacic Women's 6's A AM
No Diggity Sabaduquia Women's 6's A AM
Bump and Wine sloan Women's 6's A AM
Sets in the City Swartz Women's 6's A AM
Kiss My Pass anderson Women's 6's BB AM
All About That ACE Cabanin Women's 6's BB AM
Six Pack Klingerman Women's 6's BB AM
The Ho Ho Ho's Kriech Women's 6's BB AM
Pink Fluffy Monsters Mol Women's 6's BB AM
Hopslam Ooink Women's 6's BB AM
Jingle J Newton Women's 6's Open AM
Awesome Sauce Ocampo Women's 6's Open AM
Yep Reichel Women's 6's Open AM
Chicago Assault Reynolds Women's 6's Open AM
Here for the Beer Blume Coed 6's A PM
Smelly button Cantone Coed 6's A PM
Rockford Ratchets Jacobson Coed 6's A PM
Ksiazek Ksiazek Coed 6's A PM
Mad Kees McDermott Coed 6's A PM
Eyes up here Strasse Coed 6's A PM
I'd Hit That Thompson Coed 6's A PM
Leeroy Jenkins!!! Vunic Coed 6's A PM
Spikeaholics Bartkowiak Coed 6's B PM
Wilson! Beckett Coed 6's B PM
Serving Cervezas  Bukala Coed 6's B PM
Strangers in the Night Haschemeyer Coed 6's B PM
Swat Team hendrick Coed 6's B PM
Kanela Tips Lardakis Coed 6's B PM
Amazing Moy Coed 6's B PM
#vballpun Sampa Coed 6's B PM
Pumpkin Spike Latte Adams Coed 6's BB PM
Pull That Peach Bozonelos Coed 6's BB PM
Block Party Ciesiolka Coed 6's BB PM
Will work for sets  Czuhajewski Coed 6's BB PM
Hoosiers Dolzan Coed 6's BB PM
Magic6 Driz Coed 6's BB PM
Kiss My Pass grant Coed 6's BB PM
Free Ballers 2.0 Kao Coed 6's BB PM
The Fugitives Kriech Coed 6's BB PM
Kentucky Shamrocks Lowder Coed 6's BB PM
Storm Mast Coed 6's BB PM
Dig Deep Rieger Coed 6's BB PM
Blockin' Around the Christmas Tree Schoenle Coed 6's BB PM
Rock, Flag and Eagle  Turnock Coed 6's BB PM
Gold Diggers Winnan Coed 6's BB PM
MOTC 3.0 Young Coed 6's BB PM
BANG IT Bangit Reverse Coed 6's A PM
Vballing Aces Garcia Reverse Coed 6's A PM
bring it Lencioni Reverse Coed 6's A PM
E Truong Reverse Coed 6's A PM


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