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Team Payment Policy

How Team Payment Works

Our new team payment policy is designed to make things easier for the captain by allowing him/her to pay a deposit (prior to the early bird date) to confirm a spot in a league, send payment requests to teammates and/or have the balance automatically charged to his or her credit card on the payment deadline. Despite the new policy’s relaxed nature, the Captain is always responsible for payment of the league fee and deposits are non-refundable once the league becomes viable (see our refund policy below). Team captains are responsible and will be charged immediately for any teammate charge backs, declines or cancellations regardless of the reason or timing of the cancellation. This payment plan goes into effect on 3/27/12 and is not available for any teams that have registered prior to this date.


Register Before Early Bird Deadline – Deposit Required

If you register before the early bird deadline, you will be only be charged a deposit to secure your spot in the league. Deposits differ by sport & are subject to change at any time. This deposit is non-refundable once a league becomes viable (see our refund policy below).  


Note: If you wish to pay your team fee in full at the time of registration then you still must pay the pre-set deposit amount then return to your personal player page and pay the remainder owed for your team.


Basketball = $100

Cornhole = 50% league fee

Dodgeball = $100

Football = $100

Kickball = $100

Indoor Soccer (5v5, 6v6, 7v7) = $250

Outdoor Soccer (11v11) = $250

Outdoor Soccer (5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8) = $100

Softball = $250

Volleyball (2’s) = 50% league fee

Volleyball (4’s, 6’s) = $100


Confirmed Team Payment Timeline

Once your team deposit has been secured, you have from that point until end of day on the payment deadline (usually the early bird deadline) to complete your team payment.  The most convenient and common ways to pay off your team balance are:

  • Send Team Payer requests to your other teammates and have them each pay what you determine as their portion of the team fee. As each player pays, your team balance will be reduced. Your teammates are paying PSSG directly on Team Payer. You may view your team’s current payment status by logging into your personal player page.
  • Collect money manually from your team and then pay the balance off through your player page online at any time before the payment deadline.
  • Have your company mail a check to the corporate office (1708 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622).


If a balance still exists after the end of day on the payment deadline, then the captain’s card on file will be automatically charged for the remainder of the team balance. If this card declines, late fees may apply and a team may lose their spot in the league. Your deposit for this team is non-refundable.


Note: If you wish to pay your team fee in full at the time of registration then you still must pay the pre-set deposit amount then go to your personal player page and pay the remainder owed for your team.


Register After Early Bird Deadline – Full Payment Required

If you are registering after the early bird deadline has passed, FULL team payment is due to secure a spot in a league. Since the captain would be paying the full amount up front, the Team Payer feature would not apply.


Specific Payment Guidelines

  • PSSG DOES NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OR CASH for league fees at the games. Company checks can be mailed to the office.
  • Sending a “TeamPayer REQUEST” to someone is never the same as paying your team fee. If your players do not pay off the requests you have sent them, then you are still responsible for that portion of the team fee on the payment deadline.
  • Players Sports Group will NEVER track down your teammates to pay off your team balance.  You choose them as teammates. Choose wisely!


Late Payments = NO PLAY Status

Late Payments = NO PLAY Status! If league payment has not been finalized by the payment deadline, you are subject to removal from the league. If your card declines, we’ll let you know & it is up to you to pay immediately to keep your spot in the league. Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if you are removed from a league for non-payment. Other portions can be used towards a future league or event. Even if late, league fees should still be paid ONLINE from your Player Page.



The following is an outline of company policy for all Players Sport & Social Group (PSSG) leagues and events. PSSG leagues and tournaments are viable and will operate with a minimum of four (4) teams per league*. Upon becoming viable, there are absolutely no refunds, credits, vouchers, or transfers to a future season, no matter the circumstances (which also includes, but is not limited to illness and injury). Prior to viability there is a processing fee for any/all team refunds. That fee will be 8% of the refunded amount (including any applicable taxes) or $25, whichever amount is greater.


*Exception applies to double header leagues - Three (3) teams are the minimum in such leagues.


If a league or tournament does not become viable, full refunds will be given if team does not want to, or cannot, be placed in another PSG operation. Times and locations are as listed. However, PSG reserves the right to change specific locations and operating times as necessary due to any required scheduling changes either on a weekly or seasonal basis.


Captain’s Responsibilities

As a team Captain, you are ultimately responsible for the prompt and timely payment of your team’s League Fee and with Team Payer, they can pay their own way for their portion of the League Fee. However, if at any point a few individuals or the team at large stray from our established policies, the personal and financial burden will fall squarely on YOUR shoulders. It will be YOUR credit card on file that is charged if the team’s League Fee is not paid in full in the allowed time period, and it is therefore in your own best interest to keep your team responsible and running smoothly. We have created the RSVP tool and the Team Payer tools to help you with these responsibilities. It may not always be your fault if problems arise, but if you are unwilling to accept the consequences when they do, then please consider having someone else serve as the Captain or signing up as an individual.


Captains are responsible for your team’s attendance to games and other members of your team can call the office to notify us of a forfeit with the required notice.



Payment (including checks) is never accepted at the game. We appreciate that many teams have corporate or sponsor checks that form part of their league fee and that some teams may still prefer this method of payment. Please mail corporate checks to our office as soon as possible following your team's confirmation into the league. Checks MUST be received by the payment deadline (in time for processing), or the card you submitted during sign up may be charged. Please note the team name & league when submitting the check. Regardless of when you pay your deposit, Complete payment must be received for your team to receive the early bird pricing discount.  Spots in our leagues, tournaments and events will not be held for receipt of checks.


Bounced Check Fee

If you bounce any check sent to the office, PSG will add a $25 bounced check fee to the previous amount.



PSSG accepts cash at the office only. If you wish to pay in cash please deliver payment to 1708 N Ashland.





Played many different sports with them from soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, bowling, flag football, and some of their social events. Great opportunity to play many sports at various levels. It is a friendly group that keeps you coming back to win the elusive champions fleece.

Stephen S.   

Previously just played in one of their softball leagues on Wednesday nights and I must say I had a great experience. League was organized, umpires were professional, and the staff answered all questions I needed and made team registration easy. I highly recommend their leagues!

Xavier A.    

I’ve been participating in Players volleyball tournaments for close to 6 years now and they never disappoint. They have so many leagues and tournament dates for multiple sports that I can’t wait for them to post dates so I can fill up my calendar! Lots of friendly and helpful staff and their events are a great setting to meet new people!

Liz S.   

These guys run great events and leagues! They have leagues all over the city of every different level of competition. Totally recommend them!

Niko K.   

Fantastic Social Event Platform. Players Sports is great at connecting with ALL levels of players in the Chicagoland.

Paul G.   
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