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Players Sports Group: Chicago's Recreational Sports and Social Club Players Sports Group: Chicago's Recreational Sports and Social Club

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Gary Hazan

Gary Hazan

Title: Owner & President


Founded the Company in: 1992


Hometown: Skokie, IL


Favorite Sports Teams: Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks


Favorite Sports Moment: Attending Game 7 of the World Series Cubs vs Indians 


Hobbies: Skiing, spending time with wife & kids


Dave Reid

Dave Reid

Title: VP of Sports & Business


Started at Players in: 2007


Hometown: Hinsdale, IL


Favorite Sports Teams: White Sox, Packers, Indiana Hoosiers, Bulls, Luau Chicago


Favorite Sports Moment: White Sox World Series title in 2005 


Hobbies: Playing volleyball, playing poker, spending time with wife & dogs


Scott Brost

Scott Brost

Title: Senior Sports Director


Started at Players in: 2008


Hometown: Chicago, IL


Favorite Sports Teams: Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks


Favorite Sports Moment: Bulls 1995-1996 Championship Series 


Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family, planning his next adventure


Ike Murov

Ike Murov

Title: Director of Sponsorship & Events


Started at Players in: 2017


Hometown: St. Louis, MO


Favorite Sports Teams: Cardinals, LSU Football, Indiana Basketball


Favorite Sports Moment: Attending his first LSU football game with his dad and brother


Hobbies: Situational karate, ping pong, hitting the gym


Jeff Miceli

Jeff Miceli

Title: Sports Director


Started at Players in: 2019


Hometown: Des Plaines, IL


Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Bears, Bulls, White Sox, and Indiana Hoosiers


Favorite Sports Moment: Beating UW-Oshkosh in Club Volleyball


Hobbies: Basketball,Volleyball, Softball, Movies and Concerts


Max Spiglanin

Max Spiglanin

Title: Intern


Started at Players in: 2020


Hometown: Mettawa, IL


Favorite Sports Teams: Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, Bucks


Favorite Sports Moment: 2009 NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship


Hobbies: Fishing, Volleyball, Video Games, Coaching

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